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Kids, Parenting, & the Summer

If you’re a parent, there is no other stressful time of the year than the summer. No matter if you have one child or multiple kids, you may find planning out summer activities for your little one(s) to be a frightful experience. Now there are two issues at hand here, either you’re a parent that works full-time and need to find a summer camp for your child or you’re a stay at home parent who needs summer activities to do with your child. Either way, time is running out and stress is building. So, let’s explore your options:

Full-time Employed Parent

If you’re a full-time employed parent, the summer might be your nightmare on Elm’s Street moment. You need to plan a summer filled with delight, fun, and safety for your children. Finding the best summer camp or facilities to place your children in can place a level of stress on you that you’ve never experienced before. But there are solutions to the problem at hand.

  1. Option One: Speak with someone at your child’s school. Most times the actual schools our children attend might have summer programs that they can attend partially or during the entire summer. This will keep your child(ren) near their friends and trusted adults.
  2. Option Two: Visit your local government website. Most times your city, county, or state website will have pertinent information regarding summer activities and programs that your child(ren) can attend.
  3. Option Three: Speak to the parents of your child(ren)’s friends. Most time they are experiencing similar anxieties, and if they’ve not found a program for their children, you may have the chance to plan your summer together. Or better yet, if they’ve already planned their summers, you might be able to gain referrals on where to start looking.
  4. Option Four: Family members and close friends might be your last resort to solving this issue. If you have family members that are your age with children in your child(ren)’s age group, you might be able to workout a plan to balance out the stresses of the summer. For example, if a family or friend will watch your child(ren) during the weekdays, you might be able to compensate their efforts by doing some fun activities with their children during the weekends.

Work-from-Home or Stay-at-Home Parent

If you’re lucky enough to be one of the many parents who earns an income from working out of your home office, summers are just as stressful to you as any hardworking parents who heads to an office to earn their living. But the solutions might be easier to come by than you think.

  1. Option One: Find parents who share your lifestyle. It might seem difficult at first, but a simple “hello” while visiting your local park with your child(ren) may get a conversation started that might resolve your summer issues. Finding parents with  like minds and lifestyles will make planning summer activities easier and efficient.
  2. Option Two: Summer camps might be a possibility. Yes, it sound uninteresting to send your children away for the summer, but it could serve you well. You’re earning a living anyway, so it’s not like you can’t afford it. And even if you’re not working, by visiting your local government’s website, you’ll find many activities available to your throughout the week that your children may indulge in without having to spend money.
  3. Option Three: Plan your summer activities around your schedule. So let’s say you can’t find people with similarities as yourself, and the thought of sending your child away for the summer doesn’t sit well with you. The last option is to plan out family summer activities around your schedule so that you may enjoy these activities as much as your children will.
  4. Option Four: Last, and most important option is to send them off to visit their grandparents. Your parents (or in-laws parents) are the most trustworthy people on the planet to keep an eye on your child(ren) outside of yourself. They could be the answer to your summer stress prayers, so give them a call.

Have Fun the Summer

No matter what you decide, make plans to have fun this summer. As you experience each summer, it will begin to dawn on you that your child(ren) are growing and summers together become more scarce each year, so take time to enjoy and have some fun.


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