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Becoming a Realtor

Being an Accountant

For many years I’ve worked as an Accountant and this position is quite demanding and satisfying as well. In Accounting, there is great opportunity to educate others, train, and help people realize their business dreams. When most people think of an Accountant, they think of someone who either enjoys numbers or is simply really good at it. However, no one ever thinks of an Accountant as an adviser, counselor, teacher, and overall general supporter.

Depending on the relationship held with an Accountant, the person has the ability to join the family as an important member helping the family through all the financial changes they will encounter. I value the passion I have for accounting and with that continued passion decided to take action on the  tough decision of becoming a Realtor to better enhance my professional experience and to stretch out my helping arms further into a new industry.

Preparing for the Real Estate Exam

The preparation for the Florida Real Estate exam might have been one of the toughest, most frustrating moments of my life. Though getting through the course was simple and to the point. Thanks to Azure Tide School of Real Estate  I was able to prepare for the exam and passed it on the first try. I will say that the preparation for the exam itself cost me a pretty penny. I purchased an all access to a prep cram course from Night Before the Exam  to prepare for the exam. The prep was to be as difficult as expected from the exam and so this cram course is vital to passing the exam. I also took a one day cram prep course with Compass Realty and also purchased their exam prep course and was able to prepare via their website First 2 Pass Exam Prep.

Taking the Exam

I must say in order to pass the exam, you must prepare. The Florida Real Estate exam is not for the simple thinker, you must have understood the information presented and be able to process the variable ways the information could be presented in the exam. Most people have told me I was lucky to pass on the first try, but I believe, I was simply well prepared.

There were those days while studying and preparing that I felt as if I would just give up. Preparing for the exam had such uncertainty in my eyes. If I passed, I had new goals to meet. However, if I failed, I would be faced with new doubts and challenges that could crush my self-esteem and motivation. Fortunately for me, I passed and now am faced with the goals and path to a successful Real Estate career.

Steps to Take After Passing the Exam

  • Relax and Celebrate Your Success:

    After you pass the exam, take some time out to celebrate. It could be a dinner with friends and family or simply picking up a bottle of champagne to share with your significant other. No matter what you do, take some time to actually celebrate your accomplishments, hard-work, and the actual future you’re creating for yourself, your family, and your clients.

  • Find a Broker:

Research  brokers and make your decision of which broker you are willing to work with based on your needs. Many brokers will offer your high commissions, full access, and many other perks; however, the main thing I’ve noticed with choosing a broker is going with your gut. You might find yourself interviewing with brokers that are nationally or internationally known, however, your gut feeling tells you it’s not a good fit. So, as your first CEO decision you will have to make as a new entrepreneur in the field of Real Estate, make a decision that eases the tension in your gut.

  • Complete ALL the Training:

Being new in the business of Real Estate you won’t have the confidence or stamina to take on new clients and meet those successful sales goals. So, the first thing you want to do is complete all of the training that your broker and board will have available for you. This will not only build your confidence when meeting prospective clients in the near future, but it builds your mental capacity to withstand the lag time between passing the exam and having a successful career.

  • Be Ready to Work

Be prepared to dedicate over 10 hours a day working on your new business. As an employee, you clocked into your job and were paid for the hours you worked, regardless if you actually worked or not. However, as a business owner, you have the responsibility to work, produce, and bring home the income you desire to have. The amount of work you put into your new career will result in the amount of income you actually have. So be prepared to work hard.

I can tell you, I am nervous, but the belief I have in myself and as well as the motivation to help others and reap the rewards outweighs the nerves and fears. I understand the world of Real Estate and know unlike most sales positions, it is about building relationship instead of simply obtaining a quick sale and moving on. If you’re reading this and want to become a Real Estate Agent, I suggest following the steps above and understanding yourself and what you will bring to the world of Real Estate.

Wish me luck as I head into the world to make a difference!!!


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