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Kids, Parenting, & the Summer

If you're a parent, there is no other stressful time of the year than the summer. No matter if you have one child or multiple kids, you may find planning out summer activities for your little one(s) to be a frightful experience. Now there are two issues at hand here, either you're a parent that… Continue reading Kids, Parenting, & the Summer

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Summer Breaks & Vacations

You've been working all year and unbelievably to you, the summer is here. You've tried to follow a budget so that you can keep that vacation bucket list, and then it dawns on you. You have spent every last penny that you  tried to save. How could this have happened? What in the world did… Continue reading Summer Breaks & Vacations

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College Debt & You

Pretty sure you're one of the many American college graduates who got a big wake up call following your memorable graduation. While in celebratory state of mind, no one ever warned you of the immense debt you've been accumulating during those "free" years of studies. While you were busy changing your major and signing promissory… Continue reading College Debt & You

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What to do with all this money?

If you're one of the many Americans who receives a tax refund during the tax season, one of the many questions that plague your existence is "What do I do with this money?". For some, receiving a tax refund is like getting "free money". But for others, the tax refund serves as a cushion to… Continue reading What to do with all this money?